'A powerful blend of rock-infused country blues.'

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The DeSotos are a four piece band based in Auckland, New Zealand

The DeSotos have cemented their place as New Zealand's leading exponents of the Americana / Country Blues genres following the release of two albums that have been universally embraced by the critics.

2008's 'Cross Your Heart' was voted Manu Taylor's no 1 New Zealand album of the year, and the 2011's Your Highway For Tonight album received glowing 4 star reviews nationally.

Both albums have supplied the theme and continuity music to the TVNZ 'South' and 'North' series presented by Marcus Lush.

And the live show steps it up a notch further - 4 part harmonies, rootsy Gretsch guitar, Hammond organ with Leslie, and a rock solid rhythm section make for a tight and dynamic live sound that is exciting and unique.

Paul Gurney - lead vocals & guitar;
Stuart McIntyre - bass & vocals;
Ron Stevens - Hammond organ, keyboards, acoustic guitar & vocals;
Greg Tell - drums & magic.

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Soundcloud www.soundcloud.com/thedesotos

Check out the 'official' Greedy Men video on YouTube.  Greedy Men is the song that was used in Marcus Lush's 'South' TV series.

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Here are a couple of reviews of Cross Your Heart:

Steve Scott of the Waikato Times:  (House and Lifestyle, August 2008)
Every once in a while, an album arrives and instantly commands your attention.  Auckland band, The DeSotos is such a band.
From the very beginning, The DeSotos don't disappoint. They are illuminating with a powerful blend of rock-infused country-blues.
The musicians that make up this band Paul Gurney, Rex McLeod, Stuart McIntyre and Ron Stevens reveal a strong chemistry that celebrates a rockin' spirit of musical communion.
Tracks including The Spirit, Greedy Men, Invisible and Goodbye, are timeless, perfectly arranged and delivered in earnest and, at times, harmonic tones.
Other compositions, including Sat on a Mountain, with blazing harmonica from Midge Marsden and Love Lost Time featuring a lead guitar highlight recalling the late Duane Allman's Eat a Peach period, reveals The DeSotos have struck gold with Cross Your Heart.
One of the finest debuts I have heard this year.

Graham Reid (NZ Herald Time Out)
Named after the classic car (and not presumably the explorer) this Auckland-based outfit peel off a substantial slice of professionally delivered, wide-screen country-rock which owes much to the Petty/Springsteen/Neil Young and Travelling Wilburys axis, and mostly kicks things up a notch from the Warratahs.
With a couple of writers in their ranks there is also a pleasing diversity here, although sometimes they reference their influences just a little too much for any accusations of originality to be thrown.
When they nail something of their own - the tense jangle of The Spirit, the tight churn of Greedy Men, the heartfelt Offline - they offer songs which are classy and fully formed.
From the opener 59 Cadillac through to the ballads in the closing overs, this is enjoyable rockin' country music full of twang and backbeat which sounds even better when a ribbon of highway stretches out ahead and you are in no hurry.
As the opener says, 'there ain't nothin' like rain on a two lane, driving fast with the radio on'.
Well, someone's already supplying the rain, The DeSotos have the soundtrack.

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